[ECOS] Running Redboot RAM mode on custom AT91x40 board

David Ho davidkwho@gmail.com
Tue Jun 20 21:00:00 GMT 2006

Hello list,

I am attempting to boot Redboot on a custom at91R40008 board with
nothing inside flash memory.  I am using the BDI2000 to load the image
directly into RAM via gdb.  The output from at the serial port appear
to be a gdb-stub packet of some sort
(+$T0a0f:18f00710;0d:b0020310;#78), and when I stop the running image
it is stuck wait for  serial characters in generic-stub.c

(gdb) bt
#0  cyg_hal_plf_serial_getc (__ch_data=0x1002d088)
    at /home/davidho/ecos-dev/ecos-2.0/packages/hal/arm/at91/v2_0/src/hal_diag.c:140
#1  0x10024920 in getDebugChar () at hal_if.h:311
#2  0x1002356c in __putpacket (buffer=0x10031f00 "T0a0f:18f00710;0d:b0020310;")
    at /home/davidho/ecos-dev/ecos-2.0/packages/hal/common/v2_0/src/generic-stub.c:349
#3  0x100245f4 in process_exception (sigval=0)
    at /home/davidho/ecos-dev/ecos-2.0/packages/hal/common/v2_0/src/generic-stub.c:1605
#4  0x10023cb8 in __handle_exception ()
    at /home/davidho/ecos-dev/ecos-2.0/packages/hal/common/v2_0/src/generic-stub.c:988
#5  0x10023010 in exception_handler (regs=0x1002eaf0)
    at /home/davidho/ecos-dev/ecos-2.0/packages/hal/arm/arch/v2_0/src/hal_misc.c:139
#6  0x10020228 in call_exception_handler ()

Is it a good idea to remove gdb-stub from my redboot configuration?
I looked into it briefly, and strangely enough the redboot build
requires gdb-stubs.
Is there something critical that I missed?

David H.

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