[ECOS] RedBoot Issues

Fabian Scheler fabian.scheler@gmail.com
Wed Jun 14 12:18:00 GMT 2006

First of all: do not hijack threads!

> I would like to ask you that does ecos support an emulator ?

yes, the i386 vmware target runs on most standard pcs, vmware (nomen
est omen), bochs, ....

> I downloaded ecos-2.0 and build library for i386-elf target (windows
> target).

I recommend you to use the version from anoncvs - have a look at the
ecos-Homepage  for more information on cvs accesss

> But now I didn't know how to run it on an emulator.

e.g. building ecos using startup type "FLOPPY", create the library,
link your application against it, create a floppy image and boot the
image with the emulator of your choice. This works for i386, but
that's apparently what you are looking for

Ciao, Fabian

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