[ECOS] Re: Any shell available?

Ilija Koco ilijak@siva.com.mk
Fri Jun 2 16:19:00 GMT 2006

Frank Pagliughi wrote:
> Ilija Koco wrote:
>> Zimman, Chris wrote:
>>> We've actually written a small shell for eCos that we use internally.
>>> There's no objloader support for our platform yet (AFAIK), but we use
>>> something similar to the RedBoot_cmd() syntax to bring in commands to
>>> the shell.  There's a "ps" clone, mount/unmount for the filesystems, 
>>> ls,
>>> etc.
>>> There's no scripting support, but there's no reason it couldn't be
>>> added.
>>> If anyone is interested, let me know and I'll see if I can pack it up
>>> into something exportable.
>> Seems nice. I was about to suggest something like this. Maybe add 
>> some networking stuff like ping, ssh, ftp, etc (All 
>> selectable/configurable by menas of cdl).
>> Ilija
> Having just finished a vxWorks project, I kind of miss their shell for 
> some quick debugging features. Theirs is not a Linux-style bash shell 
> or anything similar. Rather, it's a thread within the single target  
> process that acts like a C/C++ interpreter. The OS is loaded at 
> boot-up, but application modules can be dynamically loaded and 
> unloaded while the target is running.
That's the general idea a thread that executes some unix like commands.
> You can call indvidual functions at the command line. All stdout is 
> sent to the command line and when the function completes, the shell 
> reports the return value. Just like working with an interpreted 
> language. Then you can recompile just your module and reload it while 
> the target is still running.
> When done debugging, you can then compile the OS and app all together 
> in one executable (like eCos) without the debug & shell threads.
Or meybe leave a shell with only "non-debugging related" commands" ls, 
ps, ping.
> It's really handy for quick and dirty debugging.
> Frank

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