[ECOS] reg use of anoncvs

rakesh reddy rrkandula@yahoo.co.in
Sun Jul 30 17:51:00 GMT 2006

Hi all,
       Can someone please clarify me how do I use
anoncvs to add the new ppp package. Right now iam
using ecos2.0 version. Few days back I got a reply
saying that its better to use anoncvs instead of
ecos2.0. Could anyone please clarify that a bit? I
mean what does using anoncvs actually mean? Is it
another new version of ecos or just a place to get
updates of ecos?? Bcoz as far as my knowledge goes I
see that all the newly released packages can be found
      Also can anyone tell me whether we can add a new
package by changing the .db file??If so can you please
tell me the procedure??
          Thanks in advance

With regards
K.Rakesh Reddy

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