AW: [ECOS] GDB doesn't run at i386 hello application

Thilo Hutt
Thu Jul 27 08:49:00 GMT 2006


sorry, I add the command "continue" and afterwards no more input to the
terminal was possible. I don't't understand the gdb output
0x000108d5 in ?? ()
    at /ecos-c/cygwin/opt/ecos/ecos-2.0/packages/language/c/libc/ 
 what does this line tell me? I think the application doesn't run, or
perhaps the debugger stops actual at this line, which is the exit
function from ecos. But where is my output of "hello, ecos World!".

Best regards,

Von: David Brennan [] 
Gesendet: Donnerstag, 27. Juli 2006 03:23

Silly question,
Did you load the file to the target? Or did GDB hang immediately  
after the target command. You don't show what happened next.

On Jul 26, 2006, at 7:18 AM, Thilo Hutt wrote:

> Hello,
>> From the templates I had build a Redboot floppy binary image for  
>> an i386 with intel 82544 interface and it run at the PC. Now I had  
>> rebuilt eCos with package "default" and linked the libraries with  
>> the hello example. When I download the application with the load  
>> command via yModem over serial or TCP/IP the application run and  
>> put out the "hello, ecos World!". But if I want to debug the  
>> application with gdb, set to target remote <ipadress>:9000 the  
>> debugger stops inside the library module atexit.cxx and runs no  
>> more. I had to restart the target pc. Here are the GDB steps:
> (gdb) file hello
> Reading symbols from /cygdrive/h/Triton/Test/hello...done.
> (gdb) target remote
> Remote debugging using
> 0x000108d5 in ?? ()
>     at /ecos-c/cygwin/opt/ecos/ecos-2.0/packages/language/c/libc/ 
> startup/v2_0/src/atexit.cxx:85
> 85      cyg_libc_invoke_atexit_handlers( void )
> Current language:  auto; currently c++
> .......
> And I'm no more able to run the program or step any line.
> Did I use the wrong gdb commands?
> Or must I use a different package than "default" to use the gdb  
> inside the application?
> Regards,
> Thilo
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