[ECOS] redboot support for flash chip MX29LV640

Shantanu Gogate sagogate@gmail.com
Tue Jul 25 13:36:00 GMT 2006

Hi all,

My board has the flash chip MX29LV640. I am trying to build redboot
for this board and make it detect and use this flash chip. I could not
find direct support for this in the redboot sources. However I did
find support for AM29LV640 which is from AMD. Could you tell me if
this AMD driver would work for  MX29LV640 ? I know I would need to
modify and add a new entry in the list with entries for the
"device_id" etc, since the device id would be different as it is being
manufactured by someone other than AMD. I tried using this driver by
modifying the device id, however after I erase the flash chip (using
"fis init -f") when I try to create a new fis entry using "fis
create", the command fails saying "write verify failed". The "fis init
-f" command (prior to executing "fis create") did happen successfully
without throwing any errors and I checked random locations in the
address space and they were all "FF"ed out after "fis init -f". If I
use "fis write" to write to arbitrary blocks that happens successfully
as well. I loaded a text file over the network, wrote it to an address
in the flash space and then read from the address.

In light of this, could you tell me why the "fis create" command
throws up "write verify failed" ? Is there anything I am missing out
when trying to use the AMD 29xxxxx flash driver for the MX29LV640 chip


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