AW: [ECOS] [OT] minicom upload missing files

Sergei Gavrikov
Thu Jul 20 09:51:00 GMT 2006

On Thu, 20 Jul 2006, Neundorf, Alexander wrote:

> Hi Patrick,
>> Von:
>> []Im Auftrag von Doyle,
>> Patrick
>> Hi folks!
>> This is definitely off-topic for eCos discussions, but I
>> imagine that there are folks on this list who use minicom on a regular basis.
>> Some of them may even use minicom on a recent RedHat/Fedora based system.  So...
>> When I use minicom to send binary images to my target, and I enter "C-A" "s"
>> to send the file, the directory listing does not include all of the files in
>> the named directory.  I've seen this for some time on other folks
>> (RedHat/Fedora) machines, but it hasn't bothered me because, well, it worked
>> fine on my (SuSE) machine.  But I recently switched to FC5, and now it
>> bothers me... :-)
>> Has anybody else (outside of DTC) seen this?  Has anybody
>> figured out the root cause and fixed it?
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> Just try cutecom ( ), it should do (almost) everything minicom does. If there's something missing, send a feature request to the developer ;-)
> </self_advertising>

I prefer to use a `runscript' with minicom. Sometimes, files are located
so far from minicom upload directory. Usually, those are the eCos tests.

I add a simple rule to Makefile:

load: ${DST}
 	rbld ${DST}

and then do `make load'

Here is my `rbld' (redboot load) shell script to upload a code with
RedBoot xyzmodem. For details: man runscript.

usage: rbld <filename> ?-b?

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#! /bin/sh
# usage: rbld <filename> ?-b?

MINIRC=dfl		# set a minicom config name
SCRIPT=/tmp/runscript 	# read man runscript
TIMOUT=300		# max. 5 min to upload
BINARY=0		# default format is elf, or s-rec
			# use -b option for binary format

test -z ${1} && exit 1	# quite die

test ".${2}" == ".-b" && BINARY=1

echo -n 'Press [Enter] when target is reset, ^C to abort load '; read

# read man runscript
cat > ${SCRIPT} << __eof
timeout ${TIMOUT}
        send "\003\c"
        expect {
            "RedBoot>" goto start
            timeout 1 goto rbprompt
        send "lo -m y\c"
	if ${BINARY} > 0 send " -r -b %{FREEMEMLO}"
	send ""
        ! sz  -vv ${1}

minicom ${MINIRC} -S ${SCRIPT}
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