[ECOS] [OT] minicom upload missing files

Doyle, Patrick Patrick_Doyle@dtccom.com
Wed Jul 19 18:19:00 GMT 2006

Hi folks!
This is definitely off-topic for eCos discussions, but I imagine that there
are folks on this list who use minicom on a regular basis.  Some of them may
even use minicom on a recent RedHat/Fedora based system.  So...

When I use minicom to send binary images to my target, and I enter "C-A" "s"
to send the file, the directory listing does not include all of the files in
the named directory.  I've seen this for some time on other folks
(RedHat/Fedora) machines, but it hasn't bothered me because, well, it worked
fine on my (SuSE) machine.  But I recently switched to FC5, and now it
bothers me... :-)

Has anybody else (outside of DTC) seen this?  Has anybody figured out the
root cause and fixed it?

Just thought I would ask...


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