[ECOS] RE: More recent LPC-H2294 package

Gaste, Olivier Olivier.Gaste@AirLiquide.com
Wed Jul 19 14:15:00 GMT 2006

hello sergeil thank's another time for your help 
I just try your new pakage with last snapshot of ecoscentrix 
I'm trying to build a redboot with your target 
I fall into the issue following :

boot_main.o): In function `valid_address':
/opt/ecos/ecos_last/packages/redboot/current/src/main.c:753: multiple
definition of `cyg_start'
t.c:116: first defined here
elf/bin/ld: Warning: size of symbol `cyg_start' changed from 12 to 912 in
make[1]: Leaving directory
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
make: Leaving directory
make[1]: ***
urrent/tests/context] Error 1
make: *** [tests] Error 2

I've try the tips that garry speaks about in message : 
 I ve add :   requires { !CYGBLD_BUILD_REDBOOT_WITH_EXEC } at line 254 of

and it looks to doing the job no more "#error" like before :
"packages/hal/arm/arch/current/src/redboot_linux_exec.c:80:3:error: #error"


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> From: Sergei Gavrikov [mailto:w3sg@SoftHome.net]
> Sent: Wednesday, July 19, 2006 11:09 AM
> To: Olivier.Gaste@AirLiquide.com
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> Subject: More recent LPC-H2294 package
> A few months ago I sent my lpch2294-1.0.epk for the Olimex LPC-H2294
> header board. In those days the package was tested with the 2005-09-27
> eCos snapshot only. Nowadays, I do a checkout of eCos CVS a 
> few times in
> a week. I found what this is a good practice. The lpc2xxx 
> variant branch
> had been a bit changed since.  Certainly, my CDL had been changed too.
> There is new definition in the hal_arm_lpc2xxx_lpch2294.cdl
>        requires      { CYGHWR_HAL_ARM_LPC2XXX == "LPC2294" }
> The fixed package should work with the *latest* eCos 
> repository. To add
> the package to repository, do it in bash:
> export ECOSADMIN="tclsh ${ECOS_REPOSITORY}/ecosadmin.tcl" 
> $ECOSADMIN --accept_license add lpch2294-20060719.epk
> The package still is no part of the official eCos tree. I've planed to
> offer it as a patch as soon as I can.
> Sergei

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