[ECOS] spi_at91_set_npcs doesn't work

Jaws jaws75@tiscali.it
Sat Jul 15 18:05:00 GMT 2006

Hi all,
    I noticed that the funciton spi_at91_set_npcs doesnt' work because use 
the chip select as active high.
a possible change could be

HAL_ARM_AT91_GPIO_PUT(spi_bus->cs_gpio[ctr], ((val & (1<<ctr))!=0) ? 0 : 1);

any one has experimented the same problem?

I'm also working on my board and I noticed strange behaviour (under 
investigation) related to the macro provided in 
hal\arm\at91\var\current\var_io.h, it seems they don't take any effect on 
the PIO controller.
In my application I defined a function to inizialize the hardware platform 
(hal_plf_hardware_init) that is called during the hal_hardware_init 
If with the gdb look at the memory at the address 0xFFFEC000 (PIOA) at the 
begin of the function and during the execution of the marco 
HAL_ARM_AT91_PIO_CFG or HAL_ARM_AT91_GPIO_CFG_DIRECTION no changes appear on 
the PIO_SR register. Why? What's wrong? It's the first time that I'm using 
this macros I'm forgetting something very importnt?

Thanks in advance

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