[ECOS] RE: Re[2]: kernel massage through sid simulator

Robert Cragie rcc@jennic.com
Fri Jul 14 14:00:00 GMT 2006

I think Pintu Mehta has the wrong idea about SID. SID is a hardware platform
emulator on which you run whatever executables will run on the target. This
may be eCos, which in turn may be running a multi-tasking application. Or it
may be uClinux, or just a simple embedded application which does not use an
operating system at all.

Therefore SID itself does not produce 'kernel messages'. If it were running
Linux, and there was a clearly assigned terminal on the platform to which
kernal messages are emitted, it is there you would see the kernel messages.
Any 'drives' would also have to be emulated in the SID environment.

I'm not sure what Pintu Mehta is trying to achieve but it might also be
worth looking at Bochs (http://bochs.sourceforge.net/) or if he is wanting a
platform for eCos, the synthetic linux target or even the straight i386
target for eCos.

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> pm>   thanks for that. i got all useful information . ..about kernel
> pm> massages??...i mean to say massages that a typical Boot Up sequence
> pm> involves so i can able to see
> pm>   display a message on the screen for each drive/memory they detect
> pm> and configure. .. i m linux programmer but new in this field.
> pm> ..one more things ..i used following command for my hello.c program &
> pm> i find out hello.c.config file ...what is this inside config file.
> pm> arm-elf-sid --no-run --sidrtc=0xe0000000 hello.c
> I think, you need
> eCos doc
> http://ecos.sourceware.org/docs.html
> eCos list
> http://ecos.sourceware.org/intouch.html
> SID list
> http://sourceware.org/sid/
> http://sourceware.org/ml/sid/
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