[ECOS] Re: kernel massage through sid simulator

Evgeny Belyanco esp1@kbkcc.ru
Fri Jul 14 10:06:00 GMT 2006

Friday, July 14, 2006, 9:02:39 AM, you wrote:

pm> i m newbie in this field & looking good one simulator for ecos project.
pm> i should able to see all bootup sequence through ecos simulator.
pm> i used sid simulator to see examples program given in following link but
pm> able to
pm> see only printf statment include with application programe.why is it
pm> not coming kernel masseage & all

pm>  http://eda.ee.nctu.edu.tw/~lylin/a.html

pm> what about other evaluation board with SId. is SID now capable to run for
pm> other processor??

As far, as I understand, SID is capable of simulating ARM7, M32R/D,
x86 and Sanyo Xstormy16a processors.

I don't understand you message in part of "kernel masseage".

pm> even , i m not getting good documents related to SID.
pm> expecting a good help.


user's guide

developer's guide 

Component Reference


Evgeny Belyanko
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