[ECOS] Redboot endianness on xscale

Jacek Poplawski jacekp@s3group.com
Thu Jul 13 00:44:00 GMT 2006

I've found interesting difference between redboot.srec generation in
current CVS and in the old Intel's port.

I compiled CVS version for ixdp425. The elf file has size 921010, it is
converted into binary file of size 193648 and srec file of size 462820.

I tried command:

strings redboot.bin | grep initialization

and found 3 "initialization" strings in file.

The old Intel's port of Redboot for ixdp2801 does it with one additional
step. The elf file has size 694041, it is converted into binary file of
size 137248, then bytes in binary file are swapped with utility called
swapbytes, then the result is converted into srec file of size 366106.

There are readable strings (like "PCI initialization") in the binary file
before swap. The swapped file contains swapped strings (for example
"ICPtiniilaiitaz. no").

I tried to perform same procedure on new redboot.elf, so I converted it
into redboot.bin of size 193648, then swapped bytes in it and converted it
into srec file of size 556798. Why size of srec changed from 462820 to
556798 after swapping bytes?

I still can't boot ixdp425 Redboot on ixdp2801 at all, but first I need to
generate output file properly! Is there any mechanism in current CVS to
set byte swapping? Isn't it required on xscale? There is a reference to
swapbytes utility in Intel document about IXP400 CPU:


PS. I am aware of fact that -mbig-endian is used during the compilation

Jacek Poplawski
Software Engineer
Silicon and Software Systems

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