[ECOS] configure and cross compilation

Jacek Poplawski jacekp@s3group.com
Wed Jul 12 16:12:00 GMT 2006

Hello Gary,

> This is not how you build an eCos application [RedBoot is just
> such an eCos application]

Yes, later last afternoon I was able to compile it in usual way, with
ecosconfig and make. I just have seen ./configure so I thought that's the
current proper way.

>    % mkdir ecos_iq80321
>    % cd ecos_iq80321
>    % ecosconfig new iq80321 redboot
>    % ecosconfig tree
>    % make

I do the same, but I use command line arguments (like --srcdir) instead
environment variables. I also use very old ecosconfig (from RedBoot much
older than 2.0).

I build RedBoot for ixp425, put it on ixp2801 board and of course crashed
it :) But at least now I know how to build current version of RedBoot and
I can start searching for differences with 2801.

Thanks for help.

Jacek Poplawski
Software Engineer
Silicon and Software Systems

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