[ECOS] Fault Injector about eCos

lylewang@yahoo.com.tw lylewang@yahoo.com.tw
Mon Jul 10 15:48:00 GMT 2006

Hi all~

I do research on reliablity, but I got a problem. 

Are there any tool that I can test or do experiment
and help me know the reliablity of eCos ?

Many paper related with reliablity use fault injector
to insert fault in object code or source code and
execute the system to see the reaction of the system.

However, those fault injector are UNIX series not
eCos. Are there any useful tool like fault injector
that could help me to evaluate the reliablity of eCos?
(I use ARM processor)

The worst case is that I have to port some fault
injector to eCos. Does someone have the experience
about this difficult job?  

Thanks a lot for your help and suggestion.
                              Best Regards, Lylewang

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