[ECOS] SNMP setup

Laurie Gellatly laurie.gellatly@netic.com
Fri Jul 7 23:20:00 GMT 2006

Hi All,
I have the basic SNMP agent running and now I'm trying to get the SNMP mib2c
facility working on my SuSE host.
The documentation says to download nsperl 5.003_02_11 but that does not
exist in the URL provided nor can I find it anywhere.
The URLs in the readmes are mostly dead.
When I try to use the system's perl 5.8 it complains 'Can't use string
("SNMP") as a hash ref while strict refs are in use'.
I also found that to make SNMP.pm I needed to have snmp 4.1.2 installed even
though this really isn't in the doco.
All the messages in the archives are at least 3 years old now and havn't
really helped.
So, if anyone has done this recently, I'd be interested to hear what steps
they used or has someone done a more recent port of SNMP?

Thanks                ...Laurie:{)

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