[ECOS] Re: loading and executing an ELF image from flash.

David Ho davidkwho@gmail.com
Fri Jul 7 14:54:00 GMT 2006

The reason I need to load an ELF image is because we have both
internal RAM and external RAM in our system and we would like to place
code in the critical path in internal RAM for faster access and leave
the non-critical code in external RAM.

Because the two regions cannot be made contiguous, I cannot load it as
one binary image.

Thanks, David

On 7/7/06, David Ho <davidkwho@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> Thanks so much for all the help, I now have redboot running on my
> custom board with flash support.
> The next step, which is one of my main objective is to be able to load
> an ELF image from flash   to the corresponding RAM regions and have
> redboot jump to the right entry point specified in the ELF header.
> I tried a simple _fis create_ of the ELF image to flash, but when I
> did _fis load_ all it did was load the ELF image as is to RAM _Mem
> addr_.  Is there currently a way to load an ELF image correctly?
> Thanks, David

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