[ECOS] Ecos FLash V2 chips Spansion

Manfred Gruber m.gruber@tirol.com
Fri Jul 7 13:13:00 GMT 2006

Hi !

I am using ecos-redboot flash_v2 branche for a long time now, works wonderfull 
with Spansion Flash Chips S29GLXXXM. S29GLXXXM have a erase size of 64k. Now 
I want to change to S29GLXXXN, which have a erases sizes of 2x64k.

I have seen that this chips(S29GLXXX) are now in the standard AMD driver. But 
what is with flash_v2 do I get in troubles when I want to use them on 
flash_v2 branche, would it be hard to use this chips or do you think it would 
be easy to implement, hack and use them ? 

Hopefully someone has some pre information about that for me...

thanks regards manfred

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