[ECOS] processor hangs at 'hal_mon_init'

Rohit Pandita pandi008@umn.edu
Mon Jul 3 17:42:00 GMT 2006

Hi Bob,
I've got it, the problem was with memory layout, it's working now. 
Thanks for pointing in the right direction.
Can you also suggest where eCos compatible API/ libraries be found for 
MIOS, TPU. Thanks.


Bob Koninckx wrote:
>> Hi,
>> - using ROM startup, CYGSEM_HAL_USE_ROM_MONITOR not included (RedBoot 
>> set to behave as ROM monitor)
>> - error occurs at instruction 'STWU R0,0004(R4)' in hal_mon_init.
>> Before execution: R0=7C71 43A6, R4=FFFF FFFC
>> After: -no change-
>> Why is it trying to write to a ROM location (0000 0000) when VSR table 
>> should be copied to RAM, if I understand correctly
> That's what you have to find out. Probably your memory layout is not
> correct or the memory controller is not configured correctly. Did you
> initialize the memory controller ? (see e.g file ec555.S for an example
> of how you should do this). Is your RAM supposed to be at address
> 0x00000000 ? 
> Bob


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