[ECOS] RedBoot Porting: GDB stubs Problem

Subodh Kotkar subodh.kotkar@gmail.com
Mon Jul 3 10:19:00 GMT 2006

Hello all

I am porting RedBoot on PXA processor..
It gives me some GDB stubs after loading, on serial console
so i tried debugging by placing some diag_printf() statement. here is
the some code of my main.c file:

	diag_printf("5:After power on self test");							//no 5
    fis_zlib_common_buffer =
	diag_printf("5AA::In side #IFDEF");									//5AA
	diag_printf("____5BB::OUT side #IFDEF");							//5BB
    for (init_entry = __RedBoot_INIT_TAB__; init_entry !=
&__RedBoot_INIT_TAB_END__;  init_entry++) {
		diag_printf("____5CCDD::In side FOR LOOP1");					//5CCDD
	diag_printf("5CC::In side FOR LOOP2");								//5CC
	diag_printf("6:After init entry function");							//no 6
    user_ram_start = workspace_start;
    user_ram_end = workspace_end;


In above code it reaches upto
diag_printf("____5CCDD::In side FOR LOOP1");
but it never call
(*init_entry->fun)();      function.
I am not getting what is Happeninig in that function...?
please help me..


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