[ECOS] free BDS stack arp table size

Steve West swest@validatedsoftware.com
Fri Apr 21 15:13:00 GMT 2006

> On Fri, Apr 21, 2006 at 09:57:07AM -0400, Steve West wrote:
>> How many connections will the free BSD stack handle? Will the arp table 
>> be
>> able to handle 1000 - 2000 connections? Or will the table need to 
>> increase?
>> Is this adjustable?
> The FreeBSD stack should scale pritty well. It is FreeBSD after
> all. There are no tables, it is all linked lists of allocated
> memory. What you probably need to do is increase the size of the
> pools.
> You say arp table. So you are talking to 1000-2000 different hosts on
> the same ethernet? Remember that any hosts behind a gateway share one
> arp entry for the gateway itself.
> Do you have 1000-2000 sockets, one of each connection? If so you will
> need to increase the number of file descripts and socket handled int
> he FILEIO package.

Yes we have many threads and sockets available. I asked this question due to 
a potential network problem we have seen. We have a customer that has many 
clients on one subnet (not behind a router). Occasionally the network stack 
seems to get stuck for 3-5 minutes. It is not an out of sockets problem, we 
check for that. After 3-5 minutes all works well. If we use a router to this 
subnet there is no problem. Any thoughts on this?


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