[ECOS] Implementing router

蔡述宪 caishuxian@water.pku.edu.cn
Tue Apr 18 06:50:00 GMT 2006

Hi, all

  I am now porting eCos to a development board. I am a newbie at 
eCos.  My problem is: 
  I want to implement a router using eCos. I have written the device 
driver for eth1 and add this device to component library, the other 
net device(eth0) is LAN91C111, so the driver is already available. I 
have also added both net devices in configtool. Then I add the net 
package in configtool. What should I do next? What else package must 
be added to my system in configtool? Or should I write something?  
Thank you for any suggestion!

  P.S How can I make sure that my device driver for eth1 works fine? 


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