[ECOS] RedBoot on standard PC: Why only 640 KB RAM?

Evgeny Belyanco esp1@kbkcc.ru
Mon Apr 17 11:30:00 GMT 2006


I boot precompiled image of RedBoot

on old PC:

CPU: AMD K6-200
MB: ASUS TXP4 (chipset Intel 430TX)
RAM: SDRAM 256Mb = 128Mb + 128Mb
Video: S3 Virge/DX/GX Rev B 2 Mb

RedBoot shows available RAM as
0x00000000-0x000a0000, 0x00086dd00-0x000a0000

How I can have access to RAM > 1Mb (for example, if my eCos + app
image is more that 1 Mb, and I would like to load this via Ethernet

Evgeny Belyanco
* E-mail: ea@kbkcc.ru

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