[ECOS] LPC2148 runtime problems

Andrew Lunn andrew@lunn.ch
Sat Apr 15 07:54:00 GMT 2006

On Fri, Apr 14, 2006 at 03:28:59PM -0700, Luis Lopes wrote:
> Hi,
> I've installed eCos on my Mac OS X system,  and I am having problems  
> with the runtime image.
> This is my setup:
> MacOS X 10.4.6
> binutils   2.16.1
> gcc          4.1.0 or 4.0.3   (with Arm patches)
> newlib    1.14.0               (with tweaks from http:// 
> billgatliff.com/drupal/node/25 )
> lpc21isp 1.3.7beta
> eCos CVS as of Apr. 13, 2006 (with many fixes to update the old  
> configure files)
> Olimex LPC-P2148 development board
> Philips LPC2xxx patches from Hobby Robotics (thank you for the patches!)
> I can build and run the example application: examples/hello.c
> however, when I try the serial.c or twothreads.c things go wrong.
> With twothreads.c, i see the "Entering twothreads' cyg_user_start()  
> function" and that's it.
> For serial.c, I simply get "Found /dev/hald" and it stops.
> I've tried gcc 4.1.0 and gcc 4.0.3 with no luck.
> ...
> I also have a Linux system,  and install the eCos package using the  
> eCos install script.
> I copied over my eCos LPC2148 patches.
> Using the GUI, I built the library.
> The serial.c application works fine, however, the twothreads.c still  
> has the same issue.
> ...
> I do know that the gcc 4.1.0 does build correct ARM images. I've  
> built the lpc2148_freertos
> image and its runs fine. I have also built other lpc2148 applications  
> with no problems.
> As eCos is quite large, there may be something i'm overlooking or gcc  
> 4.x.x is doing
> something bad to eCos.
> Does any one have a clue as to what may be the problem that I'm  
> running into?
> Could it be my *.ecc configuration?


Also, try some of the test cases. The kernel's tm_basic is a good one.

I've been using gcc 4.0.3 with i386 for a while and not had problems,
but 4.1.0 is very new so there is very little experiance of using it
with eCos. 


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