[ECOS] LPC2148 runtime problems

Luis Lopes luis@cincotech.com
Fri Apr 14 22:29:00 GMT 2006


I've installed eCos on my Mac OS X system,  and I am having problems  
with the runtime image.

This is my setup:

MacOS X 10.4.6
binutils   2.16.1
gcc          4.1.0 or 4.0.3   (with Arm patches)
newlib    1.14.0               (with tweaks from http:// 
billgatliff.com/drupal/node/25 )
lpc21isp 1.3.7beta

eCos CVS as of Apr. 13, 2006 (with many fixes to update the old  
configure files)

Olimex LPC-P2148 development board
Philips LPC2xxx patches from Hobby Robotics (thank you for the patches!)

I can build and run the example application: examples/hello.c

however, when I try the serial.c or twothreads.c things go wrong.

With twothreads.c, i see the "Entering twothreads' cyg_user_start()  
function" and that's it.
For serial.c, I simply get "Found /dev/hald" and it stops.

I've tried gcc 4.1.0 and gcc 4.0.3 with no luck.


I also have a Linux system,  and install the eCos package using the  
eCos install script.
I copied over my eCos LPC2148 patches.
Using the GUI, I built the library.
The serial.c application works fine, however, the twothreads.c still  
has the same issue.


I do know that the gcc 4.1.0 does build correct ARM images. I've  
built the lpc2148_freertos
image and its runs fine. I have also built other lpc2148 applications  
with no problems.
As eCos is quite large, there may be something i'm overlooking or gcc  
4.x.x is doing
something bad to eCos.

Does any one have a clue as to what may be the problem that I'm  
running into?
Could it be my *.ecc configuration?



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