[ECOS] Re: Trying to Debug Ecos using GDB

Grant Edwards grante@visi.com
Wed Apr 12 21:58:00 GMT 2006

In gmane.os.ecos.general, you wrote:

> I'm trying to create a test case where I will use a BDI2000 JTAG
> emulator to debug the ecos kernel, for that I need an image that has all
> the symbols built in.

You just have to change the compile flags somewhere.

> I will then strip the executable to create an image that does
> not have any debug symbols to load onto the target,

You don't need to do that.  The debug symbols don't take up
target memory.

> that way I can debug the kernel thru a JTAG probe. The larger
> image with debug symbols is used only on the host GDB and the
> stipped executable sits on the target.

If you're running from RAM, all you have to do is connect via
the JTAG port and load the program using GDB.  GDB will "strip"
the image as it's being loaded into target memory.

> Is this possible? Is there any way to tell the linker to leave
> the debug symbols in place?

IIRC, the trick was to get them there in the first place, but
I may be remembering incorrectly.

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