[ECOS] Trying to Debug Ecos using GDB

Fahd Abidi fabidi@ultsol.com
Wed Apr 12 17:33:00 GMT 2006


I am using a BDI2000 JTAG emulator and am trying to debug the ecos
kernel at its startup and low level functions. I am getting stuck and a
very early point In the process, the Kernel Builds fine using the cygwin
based tools I got from ecos.sourceware.org and I have a libtarget.a file
created that has debug symbols in it. However I have been unable to read
the debug symbols from the file into gdb.

Using objdup -g to display the debug info says that the .o files
included have no recognized debugging info.

However using objdump-S shows that I do have source code intermixed with
the disassembly so it does find source code and hence must have the
debug info built in.

Using objcopy to strip the debug symbols takes the 16mb libtarget.a file
to 1.7mb so I am convinced the debug symbols are in the file.

If I try and open libtarget.a with GDB6.3&4 I get an error saying "error
not in executable format".

I am a newbie to ecos so maybe I am not clear on how to get to opening
and viewing the kernel and its code in GDB. Any tips and assistance
would be greatly appreciated.


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