[ECOS] Porting to custom board from evaluation kit.

Steve Thomas sjthomas2@gmail.com
Wed Apr 12 02:00:00 GMT 2006

I need some help in porting my software to a new board.

I was given a reference board and the associated software with that.

I have to port this software to another board that runs the same processor.

The instructions say that there few ways. One of which is using
BDI2000. I don't have a BDI2000. Other methods involve using two files
rfs and zImage and nfs mount.

I am assuming zImage is the kernel that I build and rootfilesystem is
the root file system (of course).

I was able to generate the zImage by compiling the kernel and doing a
make zImage.

Is this what I have to transfer?

But I am not sure what contents are present in the rootfilesystem file.

I contacted the company who wrote the software for the baord but am
still awaiting response from them.

The board that I got and the one I am trying to port has the same
amount of flash. 64MB.

I partitioned the flash exactly as the reference board using fis
create at the redboot prompt.

I know another way of doing this is to create a ramdisk. I tried to
bundle all the sw (including /proc) from the reference evaluation kit
into ramdisk.gz and tried to load and exec it. After loading, I don't
see anything on the serial. I did make sure I gave the option
console=/dev/ttyS0 but don't see anything on the serial.

My question is what does this rootfilesystem contain exactly? Does
this contain exclusive software of the miniPCI card drivers (which is
also present in the evaluation kit)? or the whole file system tree (/)
similar to the ramdisk?

Any help is appreciated.

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