[ECOS] VMWARE target

Goldschmidt Simon sgoldschmidt@de.pepperl-fuchs.com
Mon Apr 10 13:37:00 GMT 2006

To all of you who successfully ran eCos under VMWARE:
Which code basis did you use?
And which Version of VMWARE / devices?
I'm trying to get RedBoot or even just a minimal "Hello World" (without
net) running, but it does not work. Either I get a blank screen or I get
dots running through my screen.
The only success I had was compiling ecos-2.0-RedBoot (without net
support), but not even a minimal "Hello World".
Sometimes I got an error that my software was accessing invalid memory
and VMWARE stopped.
I also tried to remove all IDE drives in the virtual machine
configuration, which helped booting RedBoot but not my own software.
I was using for ecos 2.0 and CVS-snapshot 060402 for my tests. Thanks
for your help!

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