[ECOS] cannot find any platforms in the configtools

Tang Yi yitang@itee.uq.edu.au
Mon Apr 10 10:37:00 GMT 2006


I installed a new version of configtool(Redhat ecos configuration tools 
v2.11) on windows recently, but found that there is no platform 
 existing in my system. And I tried to add one, copied from my previous 
version under Linux. But whatever I put in the dialog, I cannot push the OK 
button and add it to platform list.

 I doubt maybe I omit something while setup, but I cannot find out the 
problems anyway. I used the setup-package from the CDs with Massa's book. 
Please tell me  how to solve this problem.

Another problem is about the the communication between GDB and Redboot. We 
use PC-i386 as a test machine. But both me and another guy find it 
impossible to use insight GUI communicating with Redboot under Windows XP. 
GDB and Hyperterminal is working well. And I also found it impossible to 
communicate with Redboot (both GDB and insight GUI) under the Linux 

I really appreciate it if anyone gives me any suggestion

Yi Tang

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