[ECOS] How to recover from TCP/IP No buffer space available

Paul Randall prandall@delta-info.com
Fri Apr 7 13:14:00 GMT 2006

Hi All,

We have built a board which is based on the A&M Rattler board.  It has a 
Freescale 8270 processor.

We are using the board to stream UDP packets containing video to another 
board.  This works for several hours, but at some point the transmitting 
board gets a 'No buffer space available' error when calling sendto().  
When I get this error, I stop sending UDP packets for a few seconds, 
then try again.  I get the 'No buffer space available' error again.  No 
matter how many times I try to resend the packet, I get this error.

How can I recover from this situation short of resetting the board?


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