[ECOS] Debugging thread application with gdb and MacRaigor ICE JTAG

Jaws jaws75@tiscali.it
Thu Apr 6 10:15:00 GMT 2006

 Hi all,
    I am using to debug a multi-thread application a Macraigor JTAG ICE 
mpDemon by
 on my platform based on AT91M55800A.
 I'm using the gdb version 6.1 provided by Macraigor and I enabled the 
 "Include GDB multi-threading debug support" in eCos Hal and in eCos Kernel.
 The problem is when I try to retrieve the info related to the thread 
 with te comand "info thread".
 An error like RMT error appear on the gdb shell and no thread information
 are reported.

 Anyone have had a similar experience and solve it?
Trying to enable the 'Support GDB thread operations via ICE/Multi-ICE' the 
appplication doesn't start and this output  appear on the serial console:

 Thanks in advance

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