[ECOS] HELP: lpc2xxx serial (software/hw) flow control

Sergei Gavrikov sg@belvok.com
Thu Apr 6 07:49:00 GMT 2006


Anybody has a time and an experience to hint me about flow control
settings for serial ports with `ecosconfig'?

I do the steps

ecosconfig new myplf redboot;
ecosconfig import myredboot.ecm;

ecosconfig add <what pkg need to add to support flow hw control?>

Or, what lines (rules) need to add to myredboot.ecm to support same

I will be going to enter new RedBoot's command: flowctl (or mode) for
serial channels, like it

RedBoot>flowctl -c 0 xonxoff; flowctl -c 1 rtscts

I have a board with Philips LPC2214 CPU. That cpu has 2 serial port.
First of them is just RxD/TxD 2-plet, but second (UART1) has full modem
control/status.  That UART1 control has such a pinouts/registers.

Can the Jani's lpc2xxx serial package does the hardware flow control for
lpc2xxx UART1? (RTSCTS)

It look like that both of them works withoout any flow control. Is my
opine wrong? I had built Redboot for my platform and try to load a pice
binary data with xyzmodem to RAM. I can get 10 successes of a uploading
and then 10 fails this one. I cannot understand: why suddenly I get
fails? In these cases, the `load -m x -r -b %{FREEMEMLO}' command
reports me about more long RAM region to hold same data. I do not think
that 38.4k is too high speed to upload data.

I hope anybody can help me, thanks you in advance.


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