[ECOS] Building Microwindows

llandre r&d2@dave-tech.it
Tue Apr 4 15:08:00 GMT 2006

>>undefined reference to `gettimeofday'
>>/home/.../t4d-mw_install/lib/libtarget.a(services_gfx_mw_client.o): In 
>>function `GrClose':
>>undefined reference to `alarm'
> alarm is a POSIX function. Try starting with the POSIX template.

thanks a lot for your tip.
1) I created a new configuration starting from the POSIX template
2) I manually resolved several dependancies mostly related to ISO C 
3) I added the gettimeofday function in time.cxx in posix package.

After these operations I was able to build the application.

After enabling Microwindows I noted a lot of warning messages like this:

.../include/cyg/kernel/mqueue.inl:108: warning: inlining failed in call 
to 'cyg_bool Cyg_Mqueue::check_this(cyg_assert_class_zeal) const': 
--param inline-unit-growth limit reached

Is it safe to increase the inline limit (by default it is 7000)?


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