[ECOS] Possible omission in Lwip?

Birahim Larou Fall BLFall@scmmicro.fr
Mon Apr 3 12:18:00 GMT 2006

In file  eCos\packages\net\lwip_tcpip\current\include\lwip,  struct 
timeval is defined if LWIP_TIMEVAL_PRIVATE is defined, but function 
lwip_select() use struct timeval as an argument and it's declared in 
sockets.h with or without LWIP_TIMEVAL_PRIVATE defined. Of course LWIP 
compile witout any error because each time that sockets is included, 
LWIP_TIMEVAL_PRIVATE is first defined.
 * only define this in api_sockets_wrapper.c so it does not interfere
 * with other projects namespaces where timeval is present
  struct timeval {
    long    tv_sec;         /* seconds */
    long    tv_usec;        /* and microseconds */

int lwip_select(int maxfdp1, fd_set *readset, fd_set *writeset, fd_set 
                struct timeval *timeout);
Fall Birahim
Digital TV Firmware Engineer
Elsys Design for SCM Microsystems

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