[ECOS] Porting eCos / Redboot / Memory map modifications / E7T

Ali Sina replay688@hotmail.com
Wed Sep 28 10:52:00 GMT 2005


we are trying to get our code to run on our own hardware, which for all 
practical reasons can be described as an E7T platform with double the RAM.

The setup is as follows:
Redboot (ROM startup mode) is resident on the board and upon power on loads 
the image of the code (RAM startup) from FLASH into RAM, where the code then 
gets executed.
As a control and starting point, the same Redboot and the compiled code run 
fine on both E7T and our HW, of course not using the extra RAM.

>From this list, Massa's book and other sources I understand that what is 
needed in order to use the extra RAM is to modify the memory layout, 
specified in the mlt_arm_e7t_rom/mlt_arm_e7t_ram.h and .ldi files. 
Particularly, I have changed the RAM size to double (from 0x80000 to 
0x100000) and modified the heap size accordingly.

Is this sufficient? The code will compile but does not work when using the 
extra RAM (for now I use a static array to control the RAM requirement of 
the code)
I can provide more detail if necessary, but possibly I am missing something 
even more basic.

Thanks for any help,


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