[ECOS] ecosconfig is ignoring environment variable ECOS_REPOSITORY!

Andrew Voelkel andy@bushtaxi.com
Tue Sep 27 16:30:00 GMT 2005

I'm trying to get up to speed with ecosconfig, since configtool seems to be
quite flaky on my machine (GUI problems, like intermittently refusing to
show the output window and/or the build tree). The command line tool isn't
as desirable for me, but what the heck, ya do what ya gotta do ...

Anyway, ecosconfig seems to ignore the environment variable ECO_REPOSITORY,
which the documentation is the default search path for the repository!

This baffles me.

Imagine the silliness of putting a line in my .bashrc file which reads:

Alias ecosconfig='/path-to-actual-ecosconfig-executable

But that is exactly what I have to do to get it to work as advertised.

What's up?

I'm running WinXP/Cygwin


- Andy

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