[ECOS] Redboot in a Router

Jonathan Larmour jifl@jifvik.org
Mon Sep 26 06:51:00 GMT 2005

Andrew Potter wrote:
> 	Unfortunately the sources from the link are for the Blue 2G platform
> which appears to be for an Intel SA1110 style processor rather than the
> Blue 5G platform which has a Broadcom BCM6348 based on a MIPS32 4Kc
> processor.
> 	I am trying to understand what encryption Inventel have included in the
> RedBoot code as the ROM file that you tftp to the router has to be
> encrypted for it to be accepted otherwise it is just ignored ( long
> story, want to change the Linux code on the router but need to use
> RedBoot to flash it, so need to understand the changes Inventel did to
> it.)
> 	I just hoping that there was a utility you could run under Linux (as I
> can get to a commnd prompt now) that could access and change the RedBoot
> options stored in the flash. Never mind.

Not directly, no. But you might be able to mount an MTD block device for 
the Flash and use that to directly read redboot's fconfig area. I've never 
done that personally admittedly.


> On Fri, 2005-09-23 at 19:55 +0100, Jonathan Larmour wrote:
>>Andrew Potter wrote:
>>>This is the information displayed during the boot sequence of the
>>>router, so I am not sure if its pre-GPL or not,
>>>RedBoot(tm) bootstrap and debug environment [ROM]
>>>Non-certified release, version UNKNOWN - built 13:49:51, Dec 17 2004
>>>Platform: Blue_5g (MIPS32 4Kc)
>>>Copyright (C) 2000, 2001, 2002, Red Hat, Inc 
>>Built in 2004 implies more recent sources. Unfortunately RedBoot kept the 
>>(C) up to 2002 right till September 2004, even though it shouldn't have. 
>>However, the last RHEPL licensed sources in CVS were in January 2002, and 
>>from http://ecos.sourceware.org/ml/ecos-patches/2002-11/msg00082.html 
>>Xavier Debreuil sent his sources in November 2002, and those contained GPL 
>>headers, not RHEPL. So I think it's safe to assume they are GPL'd for now.
>>I know you are entitled to the very sources used, but perhaps the files in 
>>the above link are sufficient for you to get on with what you want to do?
>>>I will check and see if there is any other information I can find in the
>>>ROM image, but I cannot get it to stop at a command prompt, it just
>>>ignores ^C and proceeds to boots Linux.
>>Ah, the GPL doesn't cover that :). If the Linux is also locked down, you 
>>might need JTAG, or make some hardware mods so you can reprogram the 
>>Flash, before you have the ability to do anything. Indeed, that would be 
>>the case even if Inventel were freely giving out their sources.
>>>	Just had a 'quick' read of the old RHEPL license and section 3.2
>>>"Availablilty of Source Code"  suggests that I should still be able to
>>>get a copy of the source as thay have made an executable version
>>>	I will do things the 'old' way and write them a letter.
>>>	Any thoughts on how to 'break' into RedBoot while running Linux, or how
>>>to change the boot up delay or other saved RedBoot options ?
>>Once Linux takes over, RedBoot is out of the picture. The boot up delay 
>>and script is probably in Flash. You'd need to fiddle with RedBoot's 
>>fconfig area from Linux if you can. If you can't, then it's JTAG etc. as 
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