[ECOS] eCos Configuration Tool

Andrew Lunn andrew@lunn.ch
Mon Sep 19 14:37:00 GMT 2005

> >I think the configtool is more to keep the commercial clients happy
> >where the management people have a percieved need for a "friendly GUI"
> >when they buy eCos from the companies that give commercial support. I
> >don't remember anybody actually contributing patches for the
> >configtool, so from an open source perspective, the configtool is
> >dead. The RTOS is what people are interested in, not the tools needed
> >to configure it.
> > 
> >
> actually, no. in my experience, both tools and embeddedOS are what ppl 
> are interested in. some developers are more comfortable with 
> commandline, some like GUI, some use both (i find it easier to find 
> things/options in configtool).

I worded that badly. What i ment was developers are interested in
developing the RTOS further. Lots of people contribute patches for the
RTOS. Nobody seems interesting in developing the tools further. Nobody
contributes patchs for the tools.

> also, while i'm at it :-) both configtool and ecosconfig copy header 
> files into the install tree, it would be extremely helpful if we could 
> have an option to symlink instead --- why? well, debugging with GDB 
> within emacs: gdb ends up using the correct .c files, but unfortunately 
> uses the copied .h files, nasty if you spot a bug in the .h file, fix it 
> and then are surprised that the bug fix disappeared (because it was made 
> to a header file in the install tree and not in the originating ecos tree).

I've fallen faul of the same problem once or twice until i got used to
it. Well this is a good chance to show that people are interested in
to the tools. Please contribute a patch to add this feature to the
tools :-)

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