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Dirk Husemann hud@zurich.ibm.com
Mon Sep 19 12:54:00 GMT 2005

Andrew Lunn wrote:

>On Sun, Sep 18, 2005 at 07:59:33PM +0200, Emilio Monti wrote:
>>Is there any plan to convert the "eCos Configuration Tool" in Java ?
>>It would also be usefull to better integrate the eCos configuration in Eclipse.
>>There are plenty of "open source" projects for "Parser Generator" and
>>"Code Generator" in Java that could form a good basis for a project
>>like that.
>>It could be an advantage also for the GUI.
>>Java mantains portability, like wxWindows, but enances graphics.
>>For the manage of makefiles and cygwin/unix tools there is a good code
>>basis in the eclipse CDT plugins.
>>If there's any project like that I would be happy to help.
>There is no project that i know of.
>My impression is that none of the maintainers actually use the
>configtool. At least i don't use it, and always give debug
>instructions using ecosconfig. The other maintainers are also mostly
>unix people who like CLI programs and so use ecosconfig all the time.
>I think the configtool is more to keep the commercial clients happy
>where the management people have a percieved need for a "friendly GUI"
>when they buy eCos from the companies that give commercial support. I
>don't remember anybody actually contributing patches for the
>configtool, so from an open source perspective, the configtool is
>dead. The RTOS is what people are interested in, not the tools needed
>to configure it.
actually, no. in my experience, both tools and embeddedOS are what ppl 
are interested in. some developers are more comfortable with 
commandline, some like GUI, some use both (i find it easier to find 
things/options in configtool).

what has been annoying is that configtool and ecosconfig don't have the 
same view of the build tree: ecosconfig assumes to already live in a 
particulare subdirectory, configtool assumes it has to create the build 
and the install directories first. it would be nice to have *one* view 
of the world...

also, while i'm at it :-) both configtool and ecosconfig copy header 
files into the install tree, it would be extremely helpful if we could 
have an option to symlink instead --- why? well, debugging with GDB 
within emacs: gdb ends up using the correct .c files, but unfortunately 
uses the copied .h files, nasty if you spot a bug in the .h file, fix it 
and then are surprised that the bug fix disappeared (because it was made 
to a header file in the install tree and not in the originating ecos tree).

    just my 2 cents,

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