[ECOS] eCos Configuration Tool

Andrew Lunn andrew@lunn.ch
Mon Sep 19 02:32:00 GMT 2005

On Sun, Sep 18, 2005 at 07:59:33PM +0200, Emilio Monti wrote:
> Is there any plan to convert the "eCos Configuration Tool" in Java ?
> It would also be usefull to better integrate the eCos configuration in Eclipse.
> There are plenty of "open source" projects for "Parser Generator" and
> "Code Generator" in Java that could form a good basis for a project
> like that.
> It could be an advantage also for the GUI.
> Java mantains portability, like wxWindows, but enances graphics.
> For the manage of makefiles and cygwin/unix tools there is a good code
> basis in the eclipse CDT plugins.
> If there's any project like that I would be happy to help.

There is no project that i know of.

My impression is that none of the maintainers actually use the
configtool. At least i don't use it, and always give debug
instructions using ecosconfig. The other maintainers are also mostly
unix people who like CLI programs and so use ecosconfig all the time.

I think the configtool is more to keep the commercial clients happy
where the management people have a percieved need for a "friendly GUI"
when they buy eCos from the companies that give commercial support. I
don't remember anybody actually contributing patches for the
configtool, so from an open source perspective, the configtool is
dead. The RTOS is what people are interested in, not the tools needed
to configure it.

I suspect that a java version would similar be dead unless it got a
maintainer who had a passion to write and maintain it and i also
suspect there would be little help from the eCos community. However i
could be wrong, so don't let me put you off from trying....


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