[ECOS] scheduler locking in Cyg_WallClock class

Daniel Helgason danielh@telus.net
Sat Sep 17 08:35:00 GMT 2005

I have a question about cyg_drv_dsr_lock() in
Cyg_WallClock::get_current_time in wallclock.cxx.

The comments in wallclock.cxx say the calls to the hardware drivers can take
a lot of time. And mine do - my RTC is an i2c device (relatively slow). The
whole scheduler is locked for the entire time it takes to read/write from

Shouldn't the decision to take this drastic of a lock be in the lower-layer

I'm guessing the scheduler lock is to protect against possible interaction
between Cyg_WallClock::get_current_time and Cyg_WallClock::set_current_time
without having to use a mutex.

|  Daniel Helgason <danielh_AT_telus.net>

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