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Erik coordinators@ymma.emi.yamaha.co.jp
Thu Sep 15 06:00:00 GMT 2005

Best stock for Year 2005 - read the story and you will see for yourself.
Get AXCP First Thing Wednesday, This Is Going To Explode next 2-3 days!!!

Name: Allixon International Corporation
Symbol: AXCP
Price(14.09.2005): $2.40
1 Week Target: $8 (!!!)

Buy: Strong
Expectations: 300-500%

About Allixon International Corporation

Allixon is a leading provider of RFID middleware and mobile Internet solution
for device computing. Allixon combines its products, expertise, partnerships
and integration capability into solutions for a wide range
of device computing applications, including RFID middleware
and m-banking solutions. Allixon's products based on ubiquitous technologies
direct companies looking to tap into the wealth of data captured
by networked devices such as RFID readers or handhelds to extend
the quality of information to any device where they want.

When this Stock moves - WATCH OUT! This is your chance to get in
while it is still low. Big watch in play this Wednesday morning!
Put AXCP on your radar's now.

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