[ECOS] Use of 2 filesystems in eCos

Boerjan Kristof k.boerjan@televic.com
Tue Sep 13 13:16:00 GMT 2005


I need to port eCos to a new platform and during my pre - design phase, I encountered the following problem.

The platform has two different types of flash memory :

	- Compact Flash memory (of 64 MB up to 2 GB)
	- Fixed Nand Flash (of 64 MB)

I would like to use the FAT16 - filesystem for accessing the information stored on the Compact Flash,
but the JFFS2 - filesystem is extremely usefull for the fixed flash memory (there is storage of status information on this memory
so lots of writing and erasing going on).

Can these 2 filesystems be used together in eCos.

Or is there an alternative for this problem?

kind regards,

K. Boerjan 

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