[ECOS] GSM/GPRS/GPS board supporting eCos (Falcom XF55 or similar)

Wolfram Kattanek wolfram.kattanek@imms.de
Fri Sep 9 06:22:00 GMT 2005

On Fri, 9 Sep 2005 04:48:00 +0100, Carlos Sobrinho <duckman@epilog.ath.cx> wrote:

> Em Quinta, 8 de Setembro de 2005 20:52, escreveu:
>> Hello Carlos,
>> Porting eCos to that board is going to be very, very hard. Please check the
>> archives from this week and last: someone from Italy already tried to
>> modify the eCos installation on the XF55 couldn't do it because 1) Falcom
>> won't help you modify the eCos installation on it and 2) Falcom has not
>> released the source back to the community.
> I just searched my own archive and the sources.redhat and found some info
> regarding the board. In the docs of their eval board, at least in the
> website, they say that it now supports ecos 2.0 and they even seem to have
> some source code allowing developers to use different firmwares.
> From what I understood, they accept a TCP/IP stack, ecos 2.0 and two other
> proprietary firmwares.
>> Finally, it'll be extremely difficult to do your own port because the
>> processor on the XF55 is the ARM7TDMI embedded in the GPS' SiRFStar II
>> chipset... and SiRF does not release any technical details on their chipset
>> without a several thousand dollar development kit and an NDA which will may
>> prevent you from releasing any source written for it back to the community.
> My main objective is to:
> ** track my position using GPS
> ** send it through GSM+GPRS and do some sort of GET or POST
> ** sleep for some time(hours/days)
> ** consume as little as possible
>> Good luck,
>> Andrew
> Assuming that the port is already done but they don't release the source, only
> a binary to link.
> Can this be done?
> Are are my options in terms of other boards? Anyone?
> Sobrinho

As far as I know they sell their eval kit together with a eCos SDK,
examples showing how to access and use GPS, GSM and GPRS functions
and maybe some versions of FALCOM firmware (FALCOM and SiRF firmware
without sources). I think eCos should run "out of the box" (including
RedBoot) on a XF55. Data sheets (current consumption etc.) and manuals
should be available on their website. Perhaps you should check if their
firmware fulfills all your needs.

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