[ECOS] GSM/GPRS/GPS board supporting eCos (Falcom XF55 or similar)

Andrew Greenberg andrew@psas.pdx.edu
Fri Sep 9 06:16:00 GMT 2005

>Assuming that the port is already done but they don't release the source, 
>only a binary to link. Can this be done?

Seems like it should be possible! But this is a question for Falcom, not 
for the eCos discussion list. It really depends on what tools, sources, and 
APIs they give you... but I guarantee that it'll be hard to work with eCos 
on that board, so you better hope they give you a binary interface to run 
your own firmware.

>Are are my options in terms of other boards? Anyone?

Not many combo boards like that exist... and of those, I haven't seen any 
that are programmable.

If it were me, then I'd purchase a commercial GPRS board and GPS board, and 
tie them together (including the ability to literally power down both 
boards) with a very low power microcontroller... or maybe an ARM running 
eCos if you need TCP support.

If you want to help an open source project :) then you can use GPL-GPS 
(http://gps.psas.pdx.edu/) as your GPS and microcontroller, and then all 
you'll need is a serial to GPRS converter board which exist by the dozens 
(just do a google search for "serial to gprs converter". Of course, that's 
not exactly "lowest workload" option, since GPL-GPS is still under development.

- Andrew

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