[ECOS] virtual vectors problem

Stephane Royo stephane.royo@europe-technologies.com
Wed Sep 7 13:26:00 GMT 2005


I updated eCos via CVS, then my application two months ago. Since, i noticed
that the comm_channels variable -used to contain the functions pointer on
serial communication channel- is no more in data section but it is in bss

So, when my application is configurated to works in RAM in order to debug
it, i have problem. Indeed, in this configuration i use the option "Inherit
console settings from ROM monitor", but unfortunately the comm_channels
variable is put to zero during the bss initialization consequently, all
subsequent accesses to comm_channels variable cause a hardware reset.

I didn't find anything in eCos sources or in my configuration (ecc file)
which explains this change of location, but to solve the problem i
initialized the comm_channels at the time of declaration : static

Anybody, could help me to understand the problem ?

Thank you,

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