[ECOS] Network Performance is low

Rupesh Kumar rupeshk@moschip.com
Sun Sep 4 05:59:00 GMT 2005

Hi All,
My Board has two interfaces.i want to make my board as a router.i will
have setup like this
PC1-------------------->[     BOARD      ]------------------>PC2
                   ^^^^^^^^^^^^            ^^^^^^^^^^^   
                  1st Interface          2nd Interface
The Setup is
     1.PC1 and 1st Interface of my board are in same subnet,and gate way
of PC1 is my board
     2.PC1 and 2nd Interface of my board are in same subnet,and gate way
of PC2 is my board
I Already have Linux Ported on it and i am getting 92MBPs Speed with
this setup.
Board details ARM926EJ-S.i am using armboot loader .
I have successfully ported eCos with network support for 2 Interfaces.
I am able to forward the packets in eCos 
This mailing list was so much useful for me in doing this.
But I am getting only 30 Mbps with the above setup .what is the problem?
How much speed i can expect from  eCos.Can i get more or equal to
One strange thing i observed is after a ping  flood of size 65000, my
board is not responding to large packets but is responding to small
sized packets(till 64 Bytes).

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