[ECOS] 2 flash chips on ixp425

alfred hitch alfred.hitch@gmail.com
Thu Mar 31 16:49:00 GMT 2005


We have 16M *2 on our ixp425 based board , CS0 and CS1 on expansion
bus respectively.

We are able to run our system well with just one flash detection and
letting files   be with defaulted ixdp425
config(ixdp425_strataflash.inl etc as 16MB)

But, now when I am trying to get redboot to see both the flash'es ..
board isnt coming up ..

I was just grep'ing thru the source code and I see that the
flash_query function .. is calling / probing only from flash_base ..
and so would effectively get only one flash detected ??

I think we need to get it to querry at the end of first base + found
size also for further devices ??
much like we need to do in linux code ??

1) Anything else apart from changing BASE_MASK in ixdp425_strataflash.inl ?? 
2) CYGNUM_FLASH_DEVICES is when u have 2 devices on same line ? to
emulate 32 bit say from 2*16 ? so I dont need to change that do I ?
can some one explain what does this mean actually .. 
3) changes for 2nd flash probe ?? make another query .. havent gone
thru all the related code, will it work as in flash_base.end variables
etc if I update, will that be good enough ..

Anyone who has already done this kind of thing in redboot.


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