[ECOS] goahead cannt be refreshed: maximum number of open files problem

liu hua rongye_liu@hotmail.com
Thu Mar 31 15:42:00 GMT 2005


When I run Goahead web server, it can start normally.  But, when I refresh 
the home.asp and the refresh number is 4, it is very slow and sometime it 
cannt be accecc.  When the number of refresh is 5, it is normally again. 
so, when the number of refresh is 8,12,16,..., the result is same(cannt be 
access).  In this case, the CYGNUM_FILE_NFILE is 16 (the maximum number of 
open files).

If I modify the CYGNUM_FILE_NFILE to 40, when the number of refresh is 
about 10,20,30,..., the Goahead sever cannt be access. 

If I access a HTML page, the resoult is normally. The refresh cannt be 
access is occured only when  accsee ASP page.

I find that 'home.asp' open 4 files. If I access a ASP page which have only 
one file (such as 'asp.asp'), if CYGNUM_FILE_NFILE is 16, when the number 
of refresh is 16,32,..., it cannt be access. if CYGNUM_FILE_NFILE is 40, 
when the number of refresh is 40,80,... it cannt be access.

I don't know why it is. I need help.

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